Is Marketing Left or Right?


It is a proven fact left brain people are logical, sequential , decisive, number lovers and right brain people are creative, artistic, intuitive and colour enthusiasts.  So, one can fairly conclude finance is a left brain driven function, while design discipline is right brain driven.

I asked myself and few other fellow practitioners , “Is Marketing a left brain or a right brain profession?”. The responses were interesting but mixed. Some argued Marketing is pure creative, others opined Marketing is definitely logical. I listened to both sides – no prejudice.

I took a step back, dropped my Marketing avatar to explore this argument further.

I, as an individual, can easily relate to colours over numbers. Also, many psychometric tests have confirmed that i predominantly use right brain in most situations of life, including profession. And I have seen many successful Marketing peers who are number obsessed and MS excel gurus. So, there must be a middle road. Isn’t?

Th truth is Marketing needs both creative spark and logical thinking.  You cannot weed through clutter and grab eye balls with a sober campaign, for sure. In contrast, if your super creative campaigns don’t contribute to sale, you are doomed. You need to strike a fine balance between these two disparate worlds. Having spent considerable years in Marketing profession, i can vouch this empirical  formula  – most successful marketing teams comprise both number cruncher and mad creatives. They complement each other with their innate abilities and acquired skill sets.

My realization is this –  Marketing is both left and right!

Take Away  – When you build your green marketing team, hire people from both the worlds, connect them with a person who understands these two species. Most likely you will witness ‘Marketing Magic’. 






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